Book Excerpt from “Woman to Woman”

“Who run the world? Girls!” When that monster hit jammed the airways, I’m certain I was only one of millions of women all over the globe who felt something primal awaken inside: a sense of power, a sense of pride, maybe even a little arrogance. That song made us stand a little taller and put a little more swagger in our stilettoed steps. Those powerful lyrics made me think of the many stride’s women have made as a whole, and continue to make all around the world. However, after the music stopped, I found myself asking the question, do we really run the world?

Without a doubt, we have come a very long way. We have seen, and continue to learn ever more about the contribution’s women have made – we are the ones who have made this and many other countries the powerful entities they are today. The world is finally giving due recognition to women who were/are involved in bringing peace in times of war, women who made historic contributions to the space program, women who were on the front lines of giving us our due civil rights, and so much more. There is no denying that we are the force behind, and in front of, almost every good thing that has shaped the world, and there is not much that can stand in our way. I stressed the word “much” because, while the expression of women running the world sounds good, for now that powerful statement exists more as a hypothetical, and perhaps theoretically, at best.

Stick with me, and I will explain why I feel that way.

No one can debate that women are a force to be reckoned with. We will come together in unity for all types of causes, be it equal pay, equal opportunities in the workplace, to stop sexual harassment, to fight against domestic violence, and the list goes on. Hell, thousands of women even come together in solidarity yearly for something called the “slut walk.” We have gotten to a place where the masses no longer (at least publicly) bash women who choose to wear their sexual prowess as a badge of honor, as opposed to something that is shameful or should be hidden. With the female empowerment movement came support for our sisters who choose more non-traditional forms of employment (eg, stripping, escort); in some circles these have even become noble professions. It appears that we finally realized it wasn’t our place to judge what other women feel they need to do in order to feed and take care of their families. Even in circumstances where we may not agree with the choices other women make, we will still stick together when it is for the greater advancement of our gender. Taking all that into consideration, it appears we finally have each other’s backs.

To that I say: yeah right! Why do I say that? Because the truth of the matter is , even though female unity exists, it only exists to a certain degree, and only in certain areas. Our unity thrives only if our female ego is not longing for that very specific boost in esteem which can undoubtedly only be fulfilled by garnering the attention from the opposite sex. Any respect, consideration, compassion, support, and loyalty we have for one another becomes all but non-existent when it comes to a man we have in our sights. The face of sisterhood, which we hold up for all the world to see, crumbles when it comes to a man we want, even if that man is married.

After the 2019 Oscars, Mel B, in an interview during “Good Morning Britain’s” Academy Awards Telecast, spoke candidly regarding Lady Gaga and Bradley Coopers’ performance. She said, “I would like to think it was part of the whole performance, because there’s a women’s code …” I wholeheartedly agree with that. There is a code, or at least there is supposed to be a “women’s code,” or “girl code” (if you are not offended by being termed a “girl”). I know that Mel B and I cannot be the only two women on the planet who know that the code is real. This unspoken code between us says that we respect each other, especially when it comes to getting involved with the other one’s man. It is supposed to be a powerful bond that keeps our sisterhood running strong, so that us running the world is no longer theoretical, but rather, an empowering reality.

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