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Join me on a journey where accountability, compassion, communication & forgiveness will encourage the healing of self & our worldwide sisterhood.

Sisterhood is my priority &
"Loyalty is key."


My debut memoir, "Woman to Woman: Letters from Wives to Mistresses" is written with a view to healing not only myself, but all of you who know, all too well, the heartache of betrayal.

I am beginning a long overdue conversation wherein the focus of infidelity is not the husband, but rather...the mistress. Why? Because it is my belief that my amazing sisters can have this important conversation and affect a solution that includes a strengthening of our sisterhood loyalty.

Within the pages of "Woman to Woman" you will be captivated by my personal story of dealing with my then-husbands mistress. But the standout pieces are the letters I gathered from both wives AND mistresses! The raw emotions, devastation and regrets shared by all will restore woman to woman compassion, woman to woman respect, and woman to woman loyalty. 

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