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Woman to Woman
is compelling and hard to put down.

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Hunni, go pick this book up!

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Outstanding book...brave & raw.

Award-winning journalist & TV Host, Ms. Bridget Smith

Jackson’s intimate work peels back the multiple layers of a betrayed wife’s turmoil...a brutally honest account of a woman’s journey through love, hurt, and the devastation of heartbreak.

An extremely worthwhile element of “Woman to Woman”, is its rare and unfiltered insight into the mind of the mistress. Their in-depth letters lay out bold reflections and perspectives, offering answers for curious wives. “Woman to Woman” is a freshly written exploration into the painful, and powerful impact of deception. Most importantly, this work examines the dynamic relationship women play in each other’s lives. 

“Woman to Woman” inadvertently encourages the reader to examine lingering questions. Why have women forgotten that we are far more empowered as champions of one another, as opposed to enemies? That we uniquely possess the ability to both hurt and help our sisters. 

“Woman to Woman” will undoubtedly stir up a necessary conversation amongst women that is both personal, and uncomfortable —more imminently one that is long overdue.

Letisha Jackson’s 'Woman to Woman' is a fresh look at an old problem.

Grammy-nominated Songwriter,
Ms. Shirley Hanna-King

She examines how women treat women, including themselves, through her personal history with the age-old problem of wives and mistresses. Her honesty and daring to write about the self-serving attitudes by both groups of women is both startling and refreshing. “Woman to Woman is the story of one woman’s experience, told with candor and open for discussion. Kudos LeTisha!

If you have ever had the misfortune of experiencing adultery in your marriage, this book is a MUST read. 

AnGala Portorreal, TV Talk Show & Podcast Host

The author approaches the sensitive topic with grace and humility without tip-toeing around the issues, the hurt, and the humiliation that accompanies being cheated on. I love how she brings accountability to the table, forcing each of us to take ownership of our actions while honoring the sisterhood!
Excellent Read! Bravo LeTisha!

This book takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotions. 

Independent Social Media Reviewer,
Ms. Nicole Miller

Empathy, sadness, anger and fear.  It makes you take a hard look at "Girl Code" and what that means. It makes you take a step back and wonder how you yourself would react when faced with the same kind of heartbreak.

'Woman to Woman' was a sensational read from cover to cover.

Independent Social Media Reviewer, Ms. Sherry Rector

'Woman to Woman' was a sensational read from cover to cover. This thought-provoking book is written in a way that will start a conversation about a subject that ALL women can relate to in some way,  shape or form. It paints a vivid picture of how women can inflict immeasurable pain on one another.
It’s a must read.

She bravely... asks us to consider a world where we support one another with respect and loyalty.

Independent Social Media Reviewer, AK

LeTisha Jackson’s book, “Woman to Woman: Letters from Wives to Mistresses,” interestingly examines the age-old issue of infidelity and fascinatingly brings a fresh perspective to be considered. She bravely walks us through her own journey and then asks us to consider a world where we support one another with respect and loyalty. She then boldly asked former, and still present wives and mistresses, to anonymously submit letters to each other addressing their former adulterous relationships. 

Though I won’t spoil it by talking about details (you will just have to buy the book for that!), the pain and prejudice contained in those letters is palpable and will evoke an emotional response regardless if you have experienced this firsthand or just as a bystander. You will come full circle and walk away with a clearer understanding of each woman’s perspective. She posits a world where our ability to support ourselves and other women by being loyal to each other first brings us back to community where, if we hope to move forward, we have to stand together. It reminds me of a quote by Woodrow T. Wilson,” We cannot be separated in interest or divide in purpose. We stand together until the end.”

Love, love, love this book!!! 

Independent Reviewer, Anonymous

As a woman in my 60’s (a grown ass woman), reading this book brought renewed insights into who I am, and who I was. It brought guilt, regret, sorrow, and awareness of our miseducation of what being a woman should look like. Reading this book should allow you, through the stories, to be a better person, and to empower you; learn the lesson of loving yourself and making others treat you better.

The whole time I was reading the book all I could think, “Now this is what the ‘Women's Movement’ should have always been about!”

Avid reader; Independent Social Media Reviewer, Ms. Nora Shirley

What we were fed in the 1970's was a load of selfish crap and has been destructive to our gender. The loyalty LeTisha speaks of applies to all aspects of our lives as women.  
The content was so well written (I read at least 4 books a week and I am picky); I was moved by the content. I read this in less than 3 hours! I just couldn't stop reading! I was moved, got emotional and thought, it's way past time for a book of this content! 

The letters were - perfection! I'm impressed that this author was able to provide so many and each had an impact. I really don't know if either of my two husbands ever took another woman during our marriage, but they certainly cheated in other areas, that being said, LeTisha has produced a quality piece of literature. Simply between the letters, you speak to how our sisterhood is so important if we really want to have a positive, forward moving, REAL impact in our world.