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"Woman to Woman: Letters from Wives to Mistresses"

Are you your sisters' enemy?

If  you're sleeping with their husbands, the answer is yes.

Believing women have been fed the false narrative that the future looks female, through her story, LeTisha asks how that's possible if, in the present, our sisterhood crumbles when the want of a man - a married man - makes us complicit in tearing apart another woman's family & makes us forget our loyalty to that sisterhood.

Whether wife or mistress, you’ll have no choice but to put yourself in LeTisha's shoes & come to see the role of mistress as she a destructive betrayal.

The author didn't write this book to make you feel good. She wrote it simply to make you feel.

A book like no other, “Letters from Wives to Mistresses” conveys a wife’s devastation while inviting both wives AND mistresses to speak to one another through the letters they wrote for this book. 

Get ready as LeTisha, other wives, and mistresses talk …“woman to woman.”

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A portion of every purchase will help fund research to find a cure for Alzheimer's.

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