I strive to do my part in taking our worldwide sisterhood from fractured to impenetrable!

woman. author. advocate. speaker.

I am proud to have had my life begin back in Detroit Michigan. I’m most proud to be the big sister of my 3 siblings, and I readily admit to being overly obsessed with my mom.
A large piece of my heart will always belong to my precious grandmother, Marie Lake, who is living with dementia brought on by alzheimer's. My memoir, in part, is dedicated to her.

A portion of every sale of "woman to woman" will go towards the fight against alzheimers. 

Supporting the fight to find a cure for Alzheimer's

I am a self-professed “Pageant Girl.” They were a passion of mine for many years, and after years of modeling and winning several pageants, I took my love for the spotlight to Hollywood! The rest, as they say, is history.

photographer, brad olson

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I have always loved to write! But it wasn’t until the circumstances detailed in my book that I decided to share my talent with the world.
“Woman to Woman: Letters from Wives to Mistresses” is so much more than just another book about adultery. It is a critical message so powerful that it gives us the power to make history in the present!

How? By eliciting within each of us the unifying and sustaining quality of loyalty toward our sisterhood, which we can then pass down to the girls who are to become the next generations of women!

Woman to Woman:

letters from wives to mistresses

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 "i don't have to know you, to have respect for you. my loyalty to our sisterhood guarantees it."

letisha jackson