Photo Shoot Fun!

Hello everyone! Thank you for being here. I had so much photo shoot fun that I just had to share. I will get back to posting Book Excerpts with next weeks blog; but for this week, I just wanted to share some clips from my amazing photo shoot this past weekend (clips will be uploaded soon).

I had the honor of being shot by renowned photographer Brad Olson, whose amazing work is in the archives of “Vogue Italia!” We shot at The Blok studio in Phoenix. For my photo shoot fun, I had my make-up done by Danielle Devon, who, like Brad, has had her talented make-up artistry featured in “Vogue Italia,” as well as “Ebony,” “Essence,” and “MAXIM!”

My hair was done by Ms. Myko who is one of the most talented hair stylists around, and that compliment has nothing to do with the fact that she’s my cousin. She has been doing hair for nearly 30 years! Her son, my sweet cousin Carrington, took care of the videography for me, helping me to get video and live streaming for my Facebook, Twitter, and IG pages.

Hope you enjoy the brief clips that will soon be posted, but in the meantime this is the photo I ended up selecting to accompany the Author’s Bio for the back cover of my book.

I want to thank each and every one of you for your support throughout this writing journey. Without you there is no success for me.