Sooner Rather Than Later

Hello everyone! Just wanted to take another moment to thank you all for your support while I go on this exciting book-writing adventure.

I am changing the title of my book from “Woman to Woman,” to “Legs Wide Open,” or “With Legs Wide Open.” I am trying to narrow down sub-titles, a couple of potentials are “The REAL Betrayal,” “The Sisterhood Betrayal,” or “Betrayal Woman to Woman.” I may take to social media to ask for help from my followers. If you’re reading this, take a quick moment to comment, and let me know which sub-title you think is most fitting for this project.

It is a beautiful Saturday afternoon here is Arizona, a great day to do some relaxing writing. So, today’s blog update is short. I am beginning to organize my book notes into actual paragraphs, and potential chapters today.

Award-winning Author Kecia Bal begins work as my developmental editor on Monday, April 8, and I am so excited about that. I just know that we are going to have great chemistry, and I know that she is really going to help me be a better writer.

I was originally shooting for having my book done by the end of the year, but I am shooting for sooner rather than later, so hopefully I will have it completely done by July 31st. So, if I am to hit that target, I better get to writing today.

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