Book Excerpt: Letter From a Wife to a Mistress

“I know that I told you that I would never contact you again and expect that you believed that. I have many reservations about even writing to you, realizing that it isn’t likely that anything satisfying will come from it.

As you are aware, I know about the affair that happened between you and my husband.  At first, I only knew some of what happened, but as time went on, I learned a lot more. Some was by “H’s” admission, and some I learned by becoming a detective.

You both lied to me (and of course to each other) for a very long time.

You certainly didn’t seem to have any remorse or regret for what you did to me and how you constantly pursued my husband. I am aware of your attempts to try to get him to leave me, but the reality is, he never would have done that.

I can’t imagine it ever felt good to be fed a few scraps now and then, and come to the realization that it was all just a sick game he played and you fell for it.

I can’t wrap my brain around the fact that you wasted several years of your life chasing after a man that you had to have known you could never have…and even though I feel confident that you don’t feel the shame for any of the terrible things you did to yourself or to me and “H,” you will have to carry what you did for the rest of your life.

I have wondered if you ever felt like telling your side of the story, although I can’t say it would make much of a difference. Once I found out about the affair, “H” dropped you like the bad habit you once were…with zero regret. Instead it was a relief to be free from it and you…you no longer had anything to hang over his head. No more threats to expose him. Instead the tables were turned, and YOU were the one that would suffer, at least monetarily…”

I think the only thing you regret is that you lost your income, and will never have anything close to that again.

A person with a degree like you have, earns a hefty sum of money in the USA, but for reasons unknown, you could not get or hold a job in your profession. I suspect you burned bridges there too, likely involving another woman’s husband.

I do believe in Karma, and know it can be unnerving…waiting, and wondering how it will play out for those who have wronged others ( you ) . Even if you try to convince yourself that you did no wrong, and you feel that you were somehow entitled to f*** a married man, the truth is, you will always carry this and it defines the kind of woman that you are. I can’t pretend that this hasn’t hurt me, clearly it has. But we are strong. Stronger than anything you will ever have. You will have to live with your poor life choices, and suffer the consequences as a result…”

This is just a little taste of what to expect from my upcoming book. This intense chapter will solely contain many real-life letters that wives have written, following my instructions to “speak” directly to the woman who got involved with their husbands – whether they knew the woman or not. You will experience a range of emotions as these wives release their hurt, their disappointment, their anger, and their forgiveness, all in an effort to heal.

While my book is speaking to, and about, the “other woman,” its main objective is to show how deep the impact of woman to woman betrayal goes, and how much power we give away when we do not stand loyal to one another.

On the same note, my goal is speak to women everywhere, to share vulnerability that will hopefully speak to those who find it sport to get involved with another woman’s husband.

Our sisterhood today is very fragile, and only when we restore the respect, compassion, consideration, and loyalty to one another, will we be able to truly run the world.

“Ladies, I do not have to know you in order to stand loyal to, and for you. The question is, will you do the same for me?”*

(*Excerpt from book: Quote from Author)

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