About me

Thank you for visiting my site, and wanting to know a little bit more about who I am.  Allow me to start with who, and what I am NOT.  I’m not a therapist.  I’m not a holistic healer. I’m not famous. I’m not even a wife (anymore).  I’m a mix.  A mix of nobody, somebody, and everybody.  A nobody in that the vast majority of you have never heard of me, in the literary industry anyway. I’m somebody, in that I’m somebody’s daughter, big sister, niece, cousin, friend, and unfortunately that “somebody” also includes the title of ex-wife. Lastly, I’m everybody. With regards to this book, I am everybody (man or woman) who has been dealt the life-changing devastation of having a partner commit the emotional and mental crime of adultery.

I write to open my heart to the world; therein, I write to heal.  I write to make others laugh, which is an important part of that healing.  I write so that my internal thoughts don’t overwhelm me, and turn into sadness.  I write to express the thoughts and sentiments of others.  I write to bring us all together.  Where my book is concerned, I am writing to instill loyalty.  Loyalty brings with it respect, consideration, and compassion.  That is why I say loyalty is key in the relationships we build with one another every day.Please stay with me on this book writing journey.  I will be transparent, and genuine.  I will answer your questions, and reply to your respectful feedback.  With the help of award-winning Author, Kecia Bal, I promise to tell my story with passionate unfiltered honesty.