A Letter from a Wife to a Mistress

To the Whore,

This is Jason’s wife and you know who I am bit**! I knew what you were doing when you were pretending to try and be my friend. I could sense the whore in you from day one! I am so beyond angry at you AND my husband for this betrayal. When you smile in a woman’s face all the while scheming on how to get with her HUSBAND (get that…husband NOT boyfriend), that makes you the lowest of the low.

I think “woman to woman” is the perfect title for this book. What women like you do when you tear apart a family is destroy the woman to woman trust, and the potential for strong woman to woman friendships. Women like you make it impossible for women to trust each other because almost every time we do, we get stabbed in the back in some way, and you did the ultimate thing, you stabbed me in my heart.

I don’t expect any sympathy from you because right now you’re reveling in your “victory.” You are proud that you got my husband kicked out of his house because he had nowhere else to go other than your place. You are proud that our 2 kids were crying as he and I exploded at one another and watched their father walk out the door. You are proud that his elderly parents are disgusted and heartbroken over what the two of you have done to our family. Well I hope you’ll remember this moment of “pride” when he does the exact same thing to you, and he will, and you will deserve it!

I HATE YOU BEYOND WORDS! You are trash, and a pathetic excuse of a woman. You didn’t just betray me, you have betrayed all women because if you’ll do it to me, a real woman who invited you into her home, then you’ll do it to ANY woman! Go to hell Tiffany, or Tamara or Candy…whatever you’re calling yourself this week. You can change your name as many times as you want, but doing that doesn’t change who you are inside, an immoral Godless woman with no heart.

In case you’re wondering, YES my husband calls me every single day begging for me to forgive him and give him another chance, so your conquest was really in vain. I will NOT be taking him back, not after seeing what type of woman he would put ahead of me and his children. He likes trash and I’m not trash, but you are, so you 2 deserve each other. I wish I could be there to see your stupid looking face when he drops you for the next one, I’m sure I’ll hear about it. And if we ever see each other on the street you won’t be able to look up and look me in my face, while I will be walking with my head held high because I am a real woman.

No real way to end a letter like this except to say, you will get back what you’ve done to me. I hope you end up sad and alone. STOP sleeping with married men, build up your self-respect, and just work on becoming a better person…a better woman.

I want to thank this author for giving us wives a voice. Writing this letter was hard, but it really helped to lift that last little bit of heaviness I’ve been carrying. I couldn’t figure out why I still had a knot in my chest. I know now it was because I needed to tell my husband’s mistress how I feel. I hope your book is successful. You are doing a great thing for all women. Thank you.



This is one of the letters that wasn’t used in the book so that’s why I shared its entire content. One thing I see that we betrayed women have in common is, whether we can admit it or not, we want “the other woman” to get back what she gave. It may seem petty and a bit immature, but I’m just being honest. The only way for a person to know what they’ve put someone through is to have it done to them. Yes I concede that that way of thinking is a part of the problem within our sisterhood as well. I don’t lean on the age-old adage of “I’m only human.” Being human – being a good human – includes growing, and recognizing ones own faults, and I admit to being a woman in this sisterhood that adds to our disharmony. Want to know how I add to our discontent? You’ll have to wait and read it in my upcoming non-fiction book, “Woman to Woman: Letters from Wives to Mistresses.”

I definitely want your comments, especially if you’re a woman who has been in the same position as the wife who wrote this letter. Share your real thoughts, and your rawest emotions with us so we can get and keep this conversation going on the subject of “woman to woman” betrayal.

Posting Note: Going forward, blog postings to my site will be every 2 weeks as opposed to every week. As a lot of work and time is now going into getting “Woman to Woman” on the shelves and searching for representation, time constraints dictate this change for now. Stick with me and I’ll keep giving you intriguing and engaging content. Thank you all for continuing to support me. I appreciate each and every one of you.