Interview with Enspire Entertainment!

Hello everyone! I just did an interview with Enspire Entertainment! Coming from a beauty pageant background, I am completely in my element when it comes to interviews. The owner of, Ms. Lindsey Blick (Twitter: @LindseyKayLive), has been following my developments with “Woman to Woman” for quite some time now, and I was honored to be asked to interview by her. I just did the interview today so I will update you all when it’s posted to the Enspire Entertainment website.

To keep you updated, this past week I have not only been fervently submitting to literary agents, but my graphic artist and I completed my book cover & author’s bio! My graphic artist is so amazingly talented as you all can see. I found him on and I couldn’t be happier. He was able to take what my book was about and summarize all that in the cover, as well as in the photos he came up with for the interior of my book – you’ll get to see those when the book comes out.

So, this weeks post is just to update my wonderful audience of loyal readers. I’ve gotten quite a few “doesn’t fit what we’re looking for” from a few agents, while a few others have asked for more. It’s a crapshoot people! LOL! It takes me back to my nerve-racking acting days and going on auditions; I had to have very thick skin. It takes conscious effort to not take rejection personally, but all I have to remember is that I’ve written a great book, and the agency with which it fits will come along.

Don’t give up on your dreams my friends. All those who are successful had rejections along the way; the difference between them and those who don’t see the success, is simply that the successful people didn’t give up. I will not give up and I will not let you down! My assistant, my PR rep and I are all working on my press release, trying to make contacts to set up a book tour if I self-publish, and many other behind the scenes aspects of making a book successful. I thank each and every one of you for staying with me on this amazing ride. Thank you Lindsey for the interview with Enspire Entertainment!

If this is your first time visiting my site, I hope you’ll stick around and read some of the juicy book excerpts and real-life letters from both wives AND mistresses. I also welcome feedback and respectful comments.

Thank you all for your continued support.