Book Excerpt: Letter from a Mistress to a Wife

To JW:

“I really wish we could use full names in these letters because I want to let everyone know that your husband GW is a psychopathic liar, and you, his wife, JW, are just as bad as he is.  I may have had an affair with your husband, but the both of you made everyone think I was the bad guy in the situation.  Other adults are telling their kids not to play with my kids because their mother is a whore.  Who does that?  If you had a problem with me, as a woman you should have come to me.  Instead, you only listened to the lies your cheating husband told you, and you stupidly believed that I chased after him, and that I was somehow blackmailing him to make him continue in the relationship.  What is wrong with you?  Listen Ms. Sanctimonious, I was only one of a few women your husband was, and still is, messing around with.  He pursued me for months because I kept telling him no.  I became a challenge he had to conquer.  He came to my job every single day, complimenting me while complaining about you.  I finally agreed to go on a date with him because he finally convinced me you two were over.  Did you not ever see your credit card statements? He took me on weekend getaways.  He lavished me with jewelry, and new things for my house.  It is not my fault you choose to wear blinders where your husband is concerned.  You found out who I was, so you could have come to me with your questions, and I would have told you everything you wanted to know.  Instead, you forgave him, and the two of you vilified me!  Call me a whore if you want, but the lies you spread about me are affecting my children, and for that you two can go F*** yourselves.

You will never get an apology from me.  I can handle being the town gossip for now, I can accept my sh**,  but how will you deal when your husband gets caught with another woman, and he will, and the whole town realizes that you are just a dumb wife with a disgusting cheater for a husband?  When they realize I was just one of many, thoughts of me will fade, but you will have to face the public humiliation, and people whispering behind your back right in front of you.

You need to deal with your husband, not the women he is chasing after.  We are not your problem, he is!

I will not be one of the few who will feel bad for you when your uppity world collapses all  around you when you realize your husband does not respect or love you.  I do hope you come to that realization sooner rather than later, because he is not a good person.

I wish we could have handled this in a more civilized way, but you wanted the public sympathy, and you wanted to make sure everyone knew you are the victim.  Well you keep playing the victim, I am done. I hope to God you buy this book and somehow figure out this letter was written to you.  The thought of that happening makes me happy.  If you do figure it out, the last thing I want to say is f*** you!”

One of Many

What you have just read is a real-life letter that will be included in my upcoming book. Some of you might wonder why I would give the mistresses a voice. That is an excellent question. I have gone back and forth over whether or not to add their letters because, as a wife who has been dealt the blow of adultery, I wondered if giving them a platform would only serve to hurt wives even more; especially if the letters are not deemed to be ones expressing remorse.

As a loyal follower, you are aware of the fact that the previous title of my book was going to be “Woman to Woman.” That title carried within it the element of communication. That communication was to be the two groups of women having this opportunity to “speak” to one another via their letters. I felt it to be crucial that all of us talk to one another to gain insight into each other’s minds and hearts. The communication would also open the door to some hard truths, but most important, the conversation from both sides was to contribute to healing our sisterhood. Well, even though the title of my book might change, I still believe that that element of communication between the women is important.

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