New Book Title

Hello everyone! I told you that I would share the new book title, so here it is. The new TENTATIVE title,and sub-title, is: “Legs Wide Open: The Sisterhood Betrayal,” or “Legs Wide Open: The Ultimate Betrayal of the Girl Code”

As I continue to write, the sub-title will probably change a time or two. Also, as much as I REALLY like the title, if I am not feeling it by the end of my book, it might change as well. Call it Author’s privilege, lol!

I am very excited because the content for chapters 1 and 2 are complete (the book in its entirety might only be 6 or 7 chapters). Kecia Bal has sent me back the editorial notes for chapter 1, so I will begin my editing tomorrow (I am taking a one day break from writing). Kecia is now working on her editorial notes for chapter 2.

I can finally say that my heart is really starting to heal, thank all of you who have made your concern for my feelings known. I LOVE when women care for each other’s hearts. I make a statement about that in my book.

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Thank you all. Have a wonderful weekend.