Healing is Not Easy

Hello friends. Thank you for stopping by today. Writing is going incredibly well, but I have to be honest and tell you that it is a lot harder on me emotionally than I had really considered before I embarked on this journey. I have never denied that I am still hurting, and still a bit bitter, and jaded by what my poor heart went through during my first marriage, but as I write my mind is unlocking long-gone memories that are hurting me just as much today as the actual situation did those many years ago.

Remembering some of the things my ex said to me while in the throws of his affair were just downright cruel. I recall a particularly hurtful voicemail he left me one day while he was with his mistress. I know that he was with her because she too had inundated me with phone calls throughout that day. “That girl that has been calling you, that is MY girl, that is who I’m with, and that is who I am going to have a baby with.” Yes, my then-husband, the love of my life said those words to me as if I was nothing to him. I knew he left that message to appease her, I knew she was standing right there when he made that call, but that made it all the more damaging because he was willing to tear my heart out for a woman he had known but for a fraction of the time that he had been with me. What he said was so damaging to me, but the words themselves barely scratch the surface of what I was going through at the time that took what he said to a whole other level. You will have to read the book to find out what exactly it was that made his words all the more traumatizing.

I have to believe that the tears I am crying as I write my book are helping me to heal. At times I feel like I am not healing, but rather just keeping emotional wounds open. Whatever the emotional roller coaster I am on, I promise to stay honest with you, my readers, so that you will know I am keeping it real. One of the main purposes of my book is to share with women how much damage we do to one another when we allow ourselves to get involved with another woman’s husband. It is not fun and games, and as I say in my book…”all is NOT fair in love and war.” I am not lessening any of the responsibility that the cheating spouse has, but if we women can just restore loyalty for one another, restrengthen the bonds of sisterhood, then that would leave no one for them to cheat with. You hear what I’m sayin’??

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