If There’s One Thing I HATE…

Last year I created 4 amazing Reality shows. One of them is my personal favorite, it is titled “Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace.” I wrote this show based off of my real-life experience as someone who worked in the bridal industry for a little over 7 years. Throughout that time, I met thousands of brides, and even more of their family members. Being a store manager at 2 of the biggest bridal chains in the country, you can imagine how many stories I heard from family and friends of the bride who did not think the bride should be getting married. Along with that, I became like a “bridal Bartender,” when dressing my brides, and so many of them would either say straight forwardly that they didn’t think they were really ready to get married, or the conversation and their sour faces told me the same. I cannot tell you how many times I told a bride, “it’s not too late until you say ‘I do.'” Believe it or not, I even became that bride who didn’t really want to get married (my second time around), but like all brides before me, I felt the pressure of not letting others down. I was literally in my wedding gown, looking at myself in the mirror, and reminding myself that I could stop it, it wasn’t too late til I said I do. Unfortunately I did not follow my own sound advice, and married him. That decision almost cost me my literal life.

My apologies, I rambled off a bit, but that is actually important information. You see, I created “Speak Now…” based off of all that history. After it was completed, I posted it on a legitimate site, TV Writer’s Vault (tvwritersvault.com), where everyday people like myself can post well thought out, industry standard scripts. Huge production studios/companies log into this site to search for their next original and creative project(s). I have received 6 “reviews” so far, and even though no one has taken the next step of contacting me, I at least know it’s garnering some attention. By the way, if I didn’t mention it…my show is AMAZING! Oh, forgot to tell you what it’s about, lol! In brief, “Speak Now…” is an unscripted reality series about brides whose family and friends don’t think she should be getting married for various reasons. By way of 2 relationship guides (I wrote those roles for myself, and one Ms. Kim Kardashian West, with Nikki Bella as an alternative), the root of the issues in the families resistance to the wedding is exposed in what I termed the “Intervention for Prevention.” After the relationship guides have spent time with the bride, the groom, family, friends, and even exes, the intervention takes place so that the bride can take in their true feelings, and try to dissuade her from going through with the marriage. In the end, the bride has to decide whether she is going to go through with the wedding, or call it off. There is a lot of pressure on her, even more than the family disapproval, because my engaged couples are only 8 weeks out from their wedding date. I could go on and on about my incredible show, but that’s the gist of it.

About 2 weeks ago I watched the premiere of a new reality TV show my mom had seen the previews to, and she said it had a similar tone as MY show. I was thinking, “no, it can’t be.” Well surprise, surprise, the show has the EXACT same premise as mine, and if that wasn’t enough, they had the nerve to have the exact same storyline arc as laid out in my synopsis! You will never know the burning hot anger that made my face feel like it was going to melt off. Their new show is MY SHOW! Of course they were smart enough to make some changes, I mean you can’t just completely knock-off someone’s idea you’ve stolen right? Further, I watched the second episode the following week, and you would not believe it…that show too was a direct copy of another one of my storyline arcs, and I mean exactly!

In conclusion, I am at a loss right now. I am looking into my options, and fortunately for me I registered my show with the Writer’s Guild Association. That at least gives evidence that the creation of this show was MINE! Another example of the “haves” not wanting the “have nots” to have anything, or come up at all. My show is still better, but they are so alike that I am worried that my show will be the one that comes off as the copy, and no one will want it. I HATE thieves. I just don’t understand how people sleep at night knowing they have done their fellow man so wrong. I worked hard on my show. I paid to have it professionally redrafted so that it meets industry standards, so it would get the attention it deserves. Unfortunately, by posting it, I let the amazing cat out of the bad, and someone jumped all over it. Problem is they left me out.

I will keep you updated. I am looking into some things to try and fight for what is mine. I smell a rat, and I hate rats almost as much as I hate thieves.

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