Welcome to My Story

Hello! Thank you for stopping by to get to know me better. I hope that you will come by often in order to go along on the ride as I write my very first book. My name is Tisha, but you can call me TJ. Read on to find out a little bit more about why I am writing this book, and what I hope to accomplish through its pages.

I am using the book I am writing to heal. I also hope to begin a long overdue conversation on the dynamics of the female relationship as it relates to adultery. I am honored, and overjoyed to have award-winning Author Kecia Bal working with me to ensure I tell my story with passionate unfiltered honesty. My book, “Woman to Woman,” has been said to have a “refreshing” (albeit controversial) perspective. “Woman to Woman” shares my personal story and experiences with my ex-husband’s mistress. Through my story I will speak on behalf of the many betrayed wives who feel the same way as I. “Woman to Woman” takes to task, not the men, but the women who knowingly get involved with married men. It is my hope that the raw emotions and devastation shared by myself, and the wives who volunteered to write letters for publication in my book, will restore woman to woman compassion, woman to woman respect, and woman to woman loyalty.

“Woman to Woman” should be completed within 6-8 months, but do please keep coming back as I do my very best to keep you informed, make you laugh, make you think, and hopefully help you heal if that’s what you need. Again, welcome to my story. I hope you will stick with me up to and through the release of my book.

I welcome your respectful comments on this, or any other posts to come. In fact, I would love to have your input. Leave your comment below, and if you have enjoyed this post, please also subscribe to my once-a-week post in the appropriate section below. Thank you all for your generous support.